Monday, 23 March 2015

SAC Challenge....2015....Week Six - Rock Song

This week we were presented with two choices.....write a Christmas song, or a radio ready rock song. I was tempted to go with the Christmas song, but decided to tackle a rock song.

I approached Dave Stanley Daoust for a co-write...and together with Nick Smalley, we wrote a song called "Limousine". We started this rather late in the week, so it was a real rush to pull it together.

Dave Stanley Daoust, Nick Smalley, Lucy LeBlanc….March 18, 2015

2 am the cabs are taken
Music from the club reverberatin’
Isn’t that Megan Fox waiting
No I must be mistaken.

You’re with your friends, I’m with mine
A stretch pulls up just in time…White stretch
One ‘C’ note will get us a ride
That’s when we locked eyes

You and me
In this limousine
Riding high
Watching stars go by
Neither of us know
Where this will go
What a way to say hello
In the back of a limo

Standing up through the sunroof
Scream out loud it’s how we do
I’ll take one, I’ll take two
I wanna get closer to you

You’re with your friends, I’m with mine
In this limo looking fine
You’re showing me the sign
Rolling,  I’m on cloud nine


The tires are spinnin’
This is really livin’


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